Polin V., Lanzoni L. (2020).

Il “Mio Capitale Verde”: investire in conoscenza e nell’ambiente. LA CITTÀ CONTEMPORANEA: UN GIGANTE DAI PIEDI DI ARGILLA , Planum, 2020, pp. 318-325.



Literature identifies different types of capital, emphasizing specific benefits. Every form of capital requires time and patience. The decision to invest in any capital may be subject to some cognitive bias, especially if individual is young. According to its mission, University may be considered an “expert” institution in shaping human capital of young generations, in educating to the expectation and value of knowledge. The action-research “My Green Capital”: investing in knowledge and environment, promoted by the University of Verona in collaboration with the Municipality, aims to identify ways and practices in order to raise awareness among young generations about the importance of enhancing and caring for the Green Capital of cities, an important common good. Two main actions are developed in Verona to promote a participated conservation of urban arboreal heritage. The first one consists in new trees that are to be planted each year, which will be monitored by university students. The second action is the development of a digital capital – an APP – that, by sharing skills and human resources of the two institutions involved, allows easy access to the knowledge of the characteristics of the urban arboreal heritage and promotes innovative, stimulating and fun environmental education initiatives. After two years of project start-up, preliminary results seem to be better than expected and interesting spillover effects have emerged.