Polin V., Bertani M. (2016).

Le politiche familiari della Regione del Veneto: un’analisi economica dell’intervento del policy maker regionale nell’ultimo decennio. Working Papers 16/2016, University of Verona, Department of Economics.


This paper aims at monitoring and evaluating family policies in the Veneto Region, during a long period of time (2003-2013) in order to have an overview of regional welfare state approach. We analyse aims and social areas covered by family measures using legislative sources and financial data given by the Veneto Region. The total amount paid for different regional family policies is about 370 million Euros in eleven years. The paper presents also a focus on regional policies for childcare. The Region Veneto recognized childcare services as one’s of the main measures for the work-life balance and equal opportunity. This macro area of family policies is the main recipient of regional funds, with over 270 million Euros, in total of grants and contributions during the period 2003-2013. The measures adopted by the Veneto Region have contributed to the opening of 600 new structures and to the growing of childcare services offered by private sector. In 2013, the Region Veneto partially subsidies the operating costs of about 24,000 places of childcare services (more than 50% offered by private structures).