Fasolino I., Coppola F., Grimaldi M, Lagomarsino E. (2019).

Towards a model for urban planning control of the settlement. In Gargiulo C., Zoppi C. (a cura di), Planning, nature and ecosystem services, pp. 587-594. Naples, FedOAPress.



The urban model of cities of the future is closely linked to the concept of sustainability. The current research on the subject does not provide a particularly rich picture of studies carried out in terms of a quantitative engineering approach and has a poor and incoherent national regulatory framework. There is no attempt to evaluate the overall performance level offered by the system elements which make up the settlement. The international relevance of sustainability issues, when applied to the governance of the territory, is what leads to the need for integrated innovative strategies in the planning process aimed at reconstructing a balance with the natural environment.

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