Paoli C., Povero P., Fanciulli G., Gazale V., Scarpellini P., Armenio M., Cappanera V., Cavalletti B., Corsi M., Dapueto G., Di Fabio C., Lagomarsino E., Lavarello I., Massa F., Merotto L., Minetti D., Pozzi M., Ramassa P., Rigo I., Valerani C., Venturini S., Vassallo P. (2019).

The ecosystem services cascade perspective in practice: a framework for cost-benefits analysis in marine protected areas. In Gargiulo C., Zoppi C. (a cura di), Planning, nature and ecosystem services, pp. 235-250. Naples, FedOAPress.



This study represents a first effort to synthesise biophysical, ecologic information with economic measures. The principal aim is to fill the gap between ecology and economy and provide to territorial  managers  an  operational  tool  able  to  assess  both  environmental  and  economic sustainability in marine protected areas (MPA). At this purpose a specific framework to assess natural capital value and to obtain a modified budget of MPA has been applied to Portofino MPA.