Mastropietro P., Fontini F., Rodilla P., Batllec C. (2018).

The Italian capacity remuneration mechanism: Critical review and open questions. Energy Policy, Volume 123, pp. 659-669.




Italy is currently implementing a Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (CRM) in a power sector that is paradoxically characterised, at least for the time being, by a significant overcapacity. This article aims at building a critical review of the Italian CRM design. It first presents the Italian context, explaining how the discussion started more than a decade ago and how it evolved since then. Then, it provides an in-depth description and critical analysis of the mechanism under proposal, based on its main design elements, keeping always as a reference the guidelines issued by the European Commission on CRMs. Many valuable lessons can be extracted from the Italian experience to shed light on other similar processes currently under development.