Bertoni M., Bonfatti A., Celidoni M., Crema A., Dal Bianco C. (2019).

“End-of-working-life gender wage gap: The role of health shocks, parental education and personality traits”. In Börsch-Supan A., Bristle J., Andersen-Ranberg K., Brugiavini A., Jusot F., Litwin H., Weber G., Health and socio-economic status over the life course. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, pp. 141-148.



We show that intra-occupation wage disparities between men and women account for a large part of the gender wage gap.
Women sorted into jobs in which they were less discriminated in terms of pay or their characteristics were more rewarded.
Adding parental education, health shocks and non-cognitive skills helps explain the gap only marginally.