Celidoni M., De Luca G., Trevisan E.(2015).

Item non response and imputation strategies in SHARE Wave 5. In Malter F., Börsch-Supan A., SHARE Wave 5: Innovations & Methodology, Chapter 7.




This chapter focuses on item nonresponse in the fifth wave of SHARE and the imputation strategies adopted to fill-in the missing values. The main features of the SHARE interviews and the prevalence of missing data are briefly discussed in Sections 7.2 and 7.3, respectively. In Section 7.4, we describe the strategies adopted to handle some practical issues faced in the construction of the imputation database. A non-technical description of the imputation procedure used in Wave 5 is given in Section 7.5. Except for minor differences in the underlying raw data, this procedure is very close to that used for Release 1.1 of Wave 4 data (publicly available since March 2013). Both procedures present however some important innovations with respect to the imputation strategies exploited for Release 2.4 of Wave 1 and Wave 2 data (publicly available since March 2011, see Christelis, 2011). Harmonized imputations for all waves of SHARE are planned to be delivered in the near future.