Rizzi D., Zantomio F. (2013).

La Social Card: una valutazione di targeting. Analisi e Strumenti di Politica Sociale, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari – Digital Publishing, Venezia, pp. 282-302.



The introduction of the Social Card benefit represents an important innovation in the Italian welfare system, otherwise lacking a means tested social assistance programme. This article aims at assessing the benefit targeting, based on eu-silc 2010 data. First, we analyse the socioeconomic characteristics of programme participants; second, we provide a first estimate of the take-up rate, that is the proportion of entitled households who actually receive the benefit. Results show that, one year after the programme introduction, the benefit assignment mechanism fails to reach more than half of the target population. In order to improve targeting success, policy makers should pay attention not only to the chance that undeserving individuals might receive the payment, but also to the possibility that deserving households are excluded from the programme.