Cavapozzi D., Zantomio F. (2020).

Senior tourism in Italy: the role of disability and socioeconomic characteristics. Journal of Population Ageing 14, pp. 229–245.



The pursuit of tourism activities represents an important contributor to individuals’ well-being in older age. While current generations of pensioners enjoy on average unprecedented levels of financial resources, a large amount of spare time, and often retire while still in good health, the onset of disability and financial constraints might hinder the pursuit of tourism. The paper uses data drawn from a large Italian population survey, “Perspectives on daily life”, and provides empirical evidence on the probability of undertaking tourism in older age and the role of personal charachteristics acting as triggers and barriers to tourism. Results indicate the existence of a strong socioeconomic gradient in tourism, with worse-off individuals less likely to undertake the activity. Also, disability represents a barrier to tourism, although lower for individuals living in a couple. Finally, sociability and engagement in reading act as triggers to tourism.