Cavalletti B., Corsi M., Lagomarsino E. (2021).

Marine Sites and the Drivers of Wellbeing: Ecosystem vs. Anthropic Services. SUSTAINABILITY, Volume 13, 12568.



Coastal sites offer a range of services that contribute to human wellbeing. While some of the services are entirely human-made (e.g., parasol and sunbed rental), others are produced thanks to the contribution of marine ecosystems (e.g., water clarity). The purpose of this paper is to investigate the preferences of a sample of beachgoers for these two categories of services that policymakers have to balance when designing management strategies for coastal sites. We consider a marine site in the north of Italy that partially falls within the boundaries of a protected area but that is characterized by a medium-to-high level of anthropization. The results of a discrete choice experiment show that in the current state of things, the ecosystem services proposed for the sample have, on average, a higher marginal utility, suggesting that actions increasing those services have a larger effect on well-being.