Biagi F., Codagnone C., Cilli V. (2009).

Digital skills labour market and productivity (Chapter 4) and Econometric application full version (Annex 2). In Codagnone C., Inclusive Innovation for Growth and Cohesion: Modelling and demonstrating the impact of eInclusion, pp. 53-93.



While primarily focussed on the social and economic impact of eInclusion, this book analyses the root causes behind processes of digital inclusion or exclusion and derived from it important implications for policy. In order to do so: a) about 300 hundreds theoretical and empirical sources have been reviewed; b) 1000 cases of eInclusion support initiatives were screened and 125 of them analysed in depth11; c) a wide ranging review of the economic literature on the impact of ICT was conducted; d) an econometric model to assess the impact of possessing or lacking digital skills on employability and wage differentials was designed and run. In addition to this, the Vienna Study also leveraged and analysed the empirical evidence from another project funded by DG Information Society and Media on ICT potential for the economic and social inclusion of immigrants and ethnic minorities (realised by the Join Research Centre of the European Commission Institute of Prospective Technological Studies, IPTS). The sheer breadth and depth of the theoretical and empirical evidence gathered and analysed in this study is unique and makes it a ground breaking contribution to the field.