Bauer K., Fontini F., Spruck S. (2014).

Recommendations for the assessment of electricity generation adequacy. CEER report.




This document (C13-ESS-33-04) outlines CEER recommendations for the assessment of electricity generation adequacy in European countries. In the wider context of energy security of supply, the European community has a growing interest in the ways in which generation adequacy is ensured in electricity markets; notably with increasing shares of variable generation (e.g. renewables). In July 2013, the CEER the Electricity Security of Supply Task Force (ESS TF) undertook an investigation of the different ways assessments of generation adequacy are conducted. Subsequently, an overview of the findings in relation to the current approaches to national assessments was published in March 2014. This present document provides recommendations for the further development of national generation adequacy assessments in order to achieve greater coordination and transparency across Europe, and is a first step towards establishing regional generation adequacy assessments.