Moretto M., Rossini G. (2003).

Labour Participation. In Bianchi P., Lambertini L., Technology, Information and Market Dynamics: Topics in Advanced Industrial Organization. Chapter 4, pp. 81-118. Edward Elgar Publishing.



This timely volume offers a comprehensive assessment of the dynamics of firms’ behaviour and organization, providing an essential outline of the ways in which our understanding of firms and markets is evolving. Key topics, such as the interplay between labour and capital, the choice of the optimal product range and the dynamics of capital accumulation and innovation are investigated. All of these aspects of the evolution of a market are evaluated in connection with the manifold issue of information, be that related to demand uncertainty, accountancy data, the diffusion of technological knowledge, or the nature of strategic interaction among firms in market games.

Contents: Preface 1. Entry Under Uncertainty 2. Strategic Investment 3. Multiproduct Firms 4. Labour Participation 5. Financial Reporting 6. R&D and Information Sharing 7. Differential Oligopoly Games Index