Rebba V., Rizzi D. (2001).

Analisi dell’efficienza relativa delle strutture di ricovero con il metodo DEA. Il caso degli ospedali del Veneto. Politiche Sanitarie, vol. 2, n. 1, pp. 23-43.



The present paper analyses the possibility of performing a measurement of hospitals’ relative efficiency at an infra-regional level by using DEA. In section 2 the hospital as a productive unit is briefly examined. In section 3 the main assumptions linked to the choice of DEA are considered and it is argued that the methodology requires precise hypotheses regarding the hospital technology and the managers’ or policy makers’ preferences on the mix of outputs. Section 4 considers the possibility of imputing the level of inefficiency of a hospital to the management (internal inefficiency) or to an excess capacity with respect to the demand that can be attributed to policy makers (external inefficiency). Finally, the methodology is applied to the efficiency measurement of hospitals in the Veneto Region.