Ciaccia G., Fontini F., Paloscia L. (2008).

The energy conservation supply curve from investments in energy savings in the existing Italian buildings. In 2008 5th International Conference on the European Electricity Market, pp. 410-414 IEEE.



In the paper we estimate an energy conservation supply curve form the investment in energy savings works in the Italian residential sector. First the average ldquotyperdquo of building, in terms of heating dispersion, is calculated for each age of construction and climatic zone. Then several possible strategies are considered, that range from substituting old heaters with new ones to installing thermal collectors and refurbishing the buildings, reducing the heating dispersion according to the new transmittance limits that will be compulsory in Italy (for new buildings) from the year 2010. The cost of implementing specific energy-saving works is calculated; a step-wise supply curve is obtained that measures the potential Mtep saved ad the merit order of the various instruments considered.