Biagi S., Loi M. (2012).

ICT and Learning: Results from PISA 2009. JCR Technical Reports, European Commision.




Our paper contributes to the literature on the impact of ICT on educational outcomes in various respects. First we look at the relationship between PISA test grades and ICT utilization. Exploiting the ICT questionnaire contained in PISA 2009 we are able to gather detailed information on the typology and intensity of ICT use by 15 years old students. Second, we test whether the utilization of ICT (at school and, especially, at home) tends to reinforce differences originating from the social environment in which students are brought up. In other words, we want to understand whether ICTs utilization tend to complement other learning skills that are transmitted by the social environment or whether it can reduce the impact of such idiosyncratic factors.