Bertolini M., Blasi S. (2021).

The Role of the DSOs in the Energy Transition Towards Sustainability. A Case Study from Italy. In Rethinking Clusters, pp. 65-77. Springer, Cham.


The emergence of new technologies and the involvement of new market players, force both the regulator and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to reconsider their role of distribution in the new electricity market. DSOs have to reinvent themselves so they can deal with the necessity to integrate all market operators and increase efficiency in the management of, for instance, non-despatchable energy sources. DSOs’ legal and regulatory framework was last rectified in 2019 by the Fourth EU Energy Package. In this chapter, we investigate the role of the DSOs, which have started to feel the impact of the energy transition, looking at the evolution of the Italian system. Through a case study approach in Italy, we explore the conditions that favour DSOs’ settlement and activity expansion.