Albarea A., Bernasconi M., Di Novi C., Marenzi A., Rizzi D., Zantomio F. (2015).

Accounting for tax evasion profiles and tax expenditures in microsimulation modelling, The BETAMOD model for personal income taxes in Italy.(ISSN: 1827-3580 No. 24/WP/2015). Working Paper – Department of economics, Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice



The paper presents the main characteristics of BETAMOD, a static microsimulation model that reproduces the Italian personal income tax (IRPEF), as well as local income taxes, namely the regional and municipal additional income taxes, building on a detailed reconstruction of tax legislation. With respect to the vast majority of existing tax microsimulation models, the peculiarities of BETAMOD concern two aspects: the inclusion of a detailed set of tax expenditures, and the estimation of individual-specific tax evasion rates, which account for the total individual income level, its composition in terms of income sources, and the geographical area of residence.